Conversational AI in Future Banking

There is a gap between how customers wish to conduct banking and the how they can transact today.  Conversational AI allows financial institutions a low cost, efficient way to provide a modern automated solution that is relevant to customer needs. Consumers simply expect a personalised experience from their financial institutions at all stages of their journey.
Financial institutions are increasingly testing and deploying Conversational AI (CAI) solutions to facilitate two-way communication as part of their overall digital strategy. The requirement today has moved beyond basic scripted chatbots to truly intelligent conversational solutions that improve the digital experience across any device, any channel and in any language.
We are in a cognitive era where there is a confluence in advancement of Artificial Intelligence, raw computing power, network connectivity, smarter devices and tech-savvy consumers who want to communicate when, where and how they wish. The new reality is that brand loyalty is secondary to ease of use and customers value most highly organisations that meet and exceed their expectations.



How will you provide seamless communication
over a proliferation of channels?

How will you understand your
customers’ actions and intents?

How will you future-proof your business
against the onslaught of technology?

Real Business Benefits of Conversational AI Solutions

Cost: They are relatively inexpensive to develop and maintain compared to people, require less coding than apps and do not require expensive data storage due to cloud-based systems.
Operational Impact: Without increasing expensive headcount, organisations can automate their service provision 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of traditional channels driving improvements in SLA’s, operational efficiencies and increased revenue.
Compliance: Conversational AI solutions are a valuable method to ensure clear, consistent, communication that is compliant with contracted, policy and regulatory standards.

Consumer Benefits

Hyper personalised
conversations in consumers’
language and chosen interface

Seamless communication
across all CX channels

Ability to express moods,
sentiments and
requirements anytime

Allow faster
company response
through 24/7 interactions

Build brand engagement,
loyalty and consistency

Examples of Banking Use Cases

Financial Advisor: Conversational AI solutions can track spending habits, provide credit scores, set and manage budgets and tell the consumers where they are spending their money. This enables AI-based recommendations and advice for better money management.
New Account Generation: Prospects can be greeted with a polite ‘hello’, invited to ask questions about a product, and pointed in the right direction to where they can find relevant information, and take the prospect through the sign up process. Such engagement is more likely to result in a new account opening.
‘Always On’ Customer Support: There is a consumer expectation of uninterrupted service. Banks that embrace this have a competitive advantage and are likelier to attract and retain customers.

About CXAI

We are a Conversational AI Specialist company and we impact all stages of the AI journey:
  • Business Strategy & Consulting – Aligning CX strategy with business objectives
  • Solutions – Planning, feasibility and concept testing
  • Deployment – Technical, content development and integration
  • Evolution – Optimisation and multi-channel growth

Our USP's Platform

  • Open, scalable & flexible
  • No limits (unlike some SaaS platforms) – any use case, any programming logic, any language
  • No ’One Size Fits All’ – as much or as little as needed


Integration Tool

  • Unique generic interrogator for all channels and systems
  • Utilises multiple NLP platforms for additional functionality and flexibility


Early Value

  • Workshop identifies use case and ROI
  • Develops strategy and roadmap
  • Affordable entry


Business Partner

  • Road map for multi-channel business impact
  • Client becomes part of development process (own product & code)

Our Value

Tailored Solutions

Platform Independence

Turn-key Solutions Provider

Client Data Ownership
& Data Insights

Ongoing Personalisation of
CX AI Solutions

Cross Platform Device & Language Support

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