Improving welfare and client experience in the Adult Care Sector


The Adult Care sector in the UK faces pressing problems of rising costs and scarce resources whilst ensuring a duty of care, responsiveness and high-quality leadership to provide the best care for its residents, as stipulated by the Care Quality Commission.
Advances in technology means that Conversational AI, using Conversational Agents, offer reliable, natural and intuitive methods of communicating with both residents and staff. A Conversational AI solution starts with a question or request and then appropriately routes the client to the right answer or solution, eliminating wait and frustration. It’s almost no different than talking to an empathetic person.

Who We Are

CXAI specialises in helping organisations to understand both internal and external client journeys and to recommend appropriate Conversational Ai and advanced automation solutions to drive operational efficiencies, improve service standards and engagement. With the welfare of residents and staff at its heart CXAI solutions help in improving staff satisfaction and standards.
Our solutions are built on continuously evolving technology that grows and improves over time. CXAI Conversational Agents move beyond simple chatbots and include a variety of automated devices.

Our Methodology

We collaborate with Clients to identify opportunities where automation can improve healthcare and operations. The initial steps we would conduct are:
  • Discovery – An initial exploration with client of potential opportunities
  • Workshop – Deliverable of a ‘Blueprint for Automation’ & Business Case
  • Project Scoping
  • Presentation of Solution
  • Commercial Proposal

Solution Modules


Technology seldom targets golden agers, but in the case of AI, with Conversational Agents such as chatbots, the benefits are more pronounced when applied in elderly care. Life expectancy is increasing across the globe and unfortunately with dementia becoming more commonplace. Technology can provide necessary alleviation to our increasingly strained elder care providers, whilst providing a much enhanced user experience. Please contact us to discuss and explore the advantages these solutions can provide within your organisation.