Why CX AI?

  • We make AI work
  • Specialist Consultancy with agility and flexibility
  • We are technology agnostic, so provide the strategy and enhanced tools to revolutionise the Customer Experience
  • Business Partner to meet corporate needs and ambitions

The CXAI Difference

What is the CX AI difference?

  • By focussing on customer and business outcomes not technology
  • Navigating comprehensive, cost effective, answers to meeting customer expectations, customised to your requirements
  • Turning the Promise of Technology into reality
  • Futureproof the business against the onslaught of technology

Personal Touch or Urgent Response?

Personal Touch or Urgent Response?

  • Instant response, no more queues
  • Conversational AI helps you do both – without compromise
  • Assists your customers to select their own route to speed them through
  • Helps brands promptly answer and respond with the most meaningful conversations

The Future has arrived

The Future is Conversational


The Cognitive Era means mature natural language programming that goes far beyond scripted chatbots to human level AI allowing hyper personalisation understanding of your customer DNA.

The use of Artificial Intelligence has reached the tipping point of social acceptance combined with technology capability.

Conversational Intelligence

Improve brand messaging through better control and insights of unbiased conversations

  • Chatbots are just a tool.

  • Chatbots can be an expensive mistake if they don´t truly align Customer requirements with Artificial Intelligence.


of Consumers want online experience to be quicker

of Consumers want personalised experiences


higher sales conversion

reduction in customer service costs

Multiple channels and ever faster connectivity has brought with it heightened consumer demands. It is no longer acceptable to keep your customers waiting in a queue for engagement and marks you out for failure.


Innovation through automation can ease the pressure on your customer service teams, letting them concentrate on more complex issues, improve customer journey and experience and enable savings in costs.


Using natural language and speed capabilities allowing you to convert more visitors into customers aligning your brand with consumer perspectives.


Intelligent language understanding combined with natural conversational language gives a real alternative to constant employee issues, whilst meeting and surpassing customer expectations.

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